Item Description Washing Reflectivity EN ISO 20471 ANSI ISEA EN469 NFPA OEKOTEX ISO 15797
       S200 SIL

Reflective Sew-on tape

50/60℃       500 cd.lux/㎡   O   O     O  
       S300 SIL

Reflective Sew-on tape(Premium)

100/60℃       500 cd.lux/㎡   O   O     O  
       S400 SIL

Reflective Sew-on tape(Premium)

50/92℃       500 cd.lux/㎡   O   O     O O
       S210 Single

Single-sided Reflective Spandex

25/60℃       500 cd.lux/㎡(Silver)   O   O     O  
       S215 Double

Double-sided Reflective Spandex

25/60℃       500 cd.lux/㎡(Silver)   O   O     O  










   Silver-White- Silver

        Silver-Black- Silver


           Regular colour

            Special colour


          500 cd.lux/㎡

             500 cd.lux/㎡

              50 cd.lux/㎡

             50 cd.lux/㎡

            50 cd.lux/㎡

 Washing durability

                                                                                 25회 / 60℃


                                                                                 40" x 25m (per roll)

 Liner type

                                                                                 80% Polyester + 20% Spandex




                                                                                 EN ISO 20471 cl. 2, OEKOTEX cl.2




                               S215 Double has a wide range of applications. Main uses are in safety garments and performance active garments and accessories. With this product,


                               garment manufacturers can increase low-light visibility and performance of their garments when applied correctly.


                               It is composed of retroreflective glass spheres and an aluminum stratum laminated onto spandex fabric.





                                Retroreflective performance


                               Our products follow generally used measurement parameters in the garment industry eg. Retroreflection cd.lux/㎡.


                               S215 Double has a reflective index of 500 cd.lux/㎡.


                               Depending on wear, use, laundering and environmental conditions, the performance will be affected. For further details,


                               please contact our technical customer support.




                               S215 Double is designed to be sewn onto fabric. Converters and end-users are advised to pre-determine the best sewing method prior to commercial use.




                               Notice! The life of S215 Double is determined by cleaning methods and wear. Test to ensure compatibility with life of finished garment.



S215 Double Reflective Spandex material– Washing instructions
Domestic wash

Dry cleaning

Industrial wash Ironing

  • Machine wash warm/hot, 60°C (140°F)

  • Avoid bleach

  • Tumble dry low

  • Normal cycles




  • Not suitable

  • Not recommended




                               S215 Double is supplied normally supplied in jumbo rolls (40 inch * 25m) or slit into smaller rolls (50mm * 25m).


                               Other dimensions are available upon request. S215 Double can be shipped from Korea or from Porto (Portugal) warehouses.




                               To order Yezi Reflex S215 Double, contact our sales representative in your country or contact directly global sales team +82-2-415-8803.




                               Store S215 Double in a cool, dry area. Store rolls in original packing cartons.


                               Partially used rolls should be stored in original packing cartons or suspended horizontally through the core.



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